What will our coaching sessions look and feel like? 

Sessions take place online, at an agreed time booked in advance. You can book a regular time slot or vary your sessions to fit your schedule. 

My holistic approach to coaching helps you to harness the healing power of the mind body connection, which enables you to live the life of wellbeing and abundance that is our natural state of existence. Our work together will enable you to find the answers to your questions that you already hold within you, allowing you to look within and bring your true authentic self to the fore with confidence. 

Book your initial consultation call here.

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Are You Ready to Shift?

Do you feel like you are capable of so much more than you are achieving? 

Are you stuck in your own negative stories? 

Do fear and self-limiting beliefs prevent you from stepping in to your personal power? 

Are you ready to show up for yourself and the world? 

Are you ready to step in to your power and release the limiting beliefs that prevent you from living the life you want? 

Are you ready to achieve the life you desire? 

If you are interested in coaching but unsure if your personal circumstances will benefit from this approach you are welcome to book your complementary initial call to discuss your goals and check that we are a good fit to work together. 

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Coaching, Mentorship & Courses

One to One Private Coaching

We all possess untapped potential that is waiting to be revealed. Through doing our own inner work and being exposed to tailored support, infinite opportunities are available to us.

I believe that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves and for some a deep calling and resonance with the capacity to heal others. Sometimes we can’t shift the limiting beliefs that hold us back on our own and need a mentor to hold space for us to move forwards on our paths of intention.

You are in the right place and this is the right time. You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. Are you ready to take the next step towards your purpose?  




Group Coaching

My clients are healers, coaches, creatives and some in transition to something yet unknown.

They are seekers of their purpose, big thinkers, action takers, heart centred and often sensitive and intuitive souls. Just like you. 

I facilitate group programmes supported by monthly modules, group training calls and one to one calls for an holistic approach to your optimum growth and expansion,

I hold space in these powerful containers for my clients to feel in to the energy of expansive potential and sense of purpose they are seeking and provide clear steps to embody their desires in the reality of their lives.



Online Courses

These courses are self paced for your convenience and you have access to the content forever via my membereship platform which enables you to complete the course whenever you choose. You can revisit any of the modules at any time.

Module 1 is delivered on day one at the time of purchase so you can get started straight away, with further modules delivered weekly directly to your inbox for you to access at your convenience, to suit your lifestyle and other commitments. 

You automatically receive any future updates to the course and any additional content that I create.

You can also expect private Facebook group access for your course/s where you receive ongoing support from me, live coaching calls, inspired content and lots of high vibe fun along the way!


Equine Guided Facilitation

 Horses represent the ancient archetypes of strength, power, mystery, beauty and endurance.

These qualities can help us on our journey of development and during challenging times in our lives. Horses are able to guide us through their ability reflect back to ourselves our own strengths and places where we can heal the past and release what prevents us from moving forwards.

Horses help us to explore effective channels of communication, collaborative opportunities and support our path of leadership potential, creating new possibilities and inspired action for growth. 

Working with horses in this way allows us to reconnect with ourselves and nature. This is a ‘passive’ yet invaluable aspect of equine guided facilitation that enables us to re-calibrate and re-establish a natural rhythm of balance and flow in our lives whilst undertaking this transformative work. 




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